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lab diamond rings gold and platinum
Feb 12, 2023
Engagement Rings
Which Metal Should You Choose? Platinum, Yellow, Rose or White Gold?

It can be tricky choosing the right precious metal and colour when it comes to buying a lab diamond engagement ring. We have done all the heavy lifting for you, by putting together the basic things you need to know to give you the right info to make the best choice.

What should I do, I am not 100% sure?

Anytime you are not sure always go for platinum. You can think of platinum as the safe heaven for engagement rings, you cannot go wrong with platinum. Yes we know that normally jewellery stores charge double for platinum, however as you might’ve already seen in our site you won’t have to worry about that when shopping at Novita. We don’t have any middle man, all of our rings are made in house and thanks to our very large turnover, it has allowed us to make our platinum rings almost the same price as that of white gold.  

Why do we say go for platinum?

There are many reasons why Platinum is simply the best precious metal that exist for jewellery making. It doesn’t change colour and needs significantly less maintenance (like white gold does). It’s just as strong as white gold and to finish making this point, Tiffany and Co only sells platinum for their engagement rings not white gold. That says it all… 


Platinum or white gold or rose gold or yellow gold lab diamond rings

Should I go for yellow or rose gold if I am not after white gold or platinum?

This does depends on a few factors... If you are currently 50/50 on both or you can swing either way. We can tell you with certainty that rose gold is the way to go. We found a much higher % of women prefer rose over yellow (about 75%), also rose goes well with all skin tones, while yellow doesn’t go so well with lighter skin tones. 
Let’s check some other scenarios, 


  1. If your partner hints that she she prefers yellow, then yellow it is, or vice versa when it comes to rose. 
  2. If she doesn’t mind yellow or rose, then we highly recommend to go for rose gold. 
  3. If your plan is to surprise her and platinum is not in your plan, for sure go for rose. 
  4. If your other half’s skin is darker or olive, you can do yellow or rose both colour will look good. 

Should I go for all yellow/all rose or a two tone ring?

The current fashion for the last 70 years or so has been yellow and rose gold rings with the top in white m, so by default we make all of our like this.

You can, however, customise your ring if you would like the top of the ring to be the same colour as the band, in other words the whole ring all yellow or all rose. 

At Novita, it is recommended to stick to keeping the top white, however there are exceptions. If you are buying a lab grown diamond that is low in colour like “j” and below, we then recommend you go for all yellow or all rose. The reason for this is because by contrast of the metal surrounding the diamonds (the claws) it will make the diamond whiter in appearance. Be aware the opposite effect happens if for example you put a “J” or below colour diamond on white claws, the contrast will make the diamond look more yellow than what it is. However, keep in mind than lab diamonds in UK cost 75% less than mined diamonds. So you can now afford a whiter diamond at a fraction of the cost.

For low colour diamonds, this is an old trick of the industry and it does work like magic. However we do not recommend you get diamonds that low in colour, but if you must go for a low colour then that’s a useful tip to boost the whiteness in the diamond. 


In summary

Selecting the right precious metal for a lab made diamond engagement ring in UK can be challenging. Platinum is a safe and durable choice, while rose gold is generally preferred over yellow gold. Consider a two-tone or solid-color ring depending on the diamond’s color, and remember that lab created diamond in UK are more cost-effective.