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As the premier specialist in lab grown diamonds in UK, we're centrally located in the heart of London and Manchester, boasting an impressive ready inventory of over 620 lab diamonds in UK. Our highly experienced team, which includes expert gemmologists, is dedicated to providing exceptional guidance at every stage.

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Ask a lab diamond specialists, what are lab grown diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds represent a perfect alternative to traditional mined diamonds. Emerging from the forefront of technological innovation, they offer a sustainable and ethical option for the entire market. Remarkably, the cost of these lab created diamonds is about 75-80% less than that of mined diamonds, making them not just an ethical choice, but also an astonishingly economical one.

Identical To A Mined Diamond

Even the best gemmologists in the
world can’t tell the difference.

Eco-Friendly And Conflict Free

The most ethical choice when
buying a diamond.

Best Value For Money

A bigger and better diamond
for a fraction of the cost.

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How much can you save when buying a lab diamond?

Typically, you'll enjoy savings of 75-80%. Take, for example, a 1.00CT D VS1 lab grown diamond, which is priced at only £540, an astonishing 80% less than its natural counterpart. This significant price difference is a key reason more consumers are choosing lab diamonds. Consider also a round 2.00CT E VS1 lab diamond, available for just £1,248 whereas a mined diamond of the same 4Cs will be at least £6,242. For an extensive range of options, with hundreds of diamonds readily accessible in the UK, we invite you to visit our "select a diamond page".

lab grown diamond vs mined diamond price chart
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View some of our most recent client creations and start gathering inspiration for your own special piece.

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Novita Diamonds stands at the forefront of the lab created diamond UK industry. If you're seeking a man made diamond in the UK, either for personal use or as a gift, we warmly invite you to schedule a visit to one of our local showrooms. We take pride in being a female-led and owned business in the UK, providing wholesale diamond prices directly to our customers. Leveraging our substantial purchasing power, we procure our diamonds straight from international manufacturers, ensuring that you receive only the finest quality diamonds at the most competitive prices. Our expert master jewellers, based in the UK, are committed to crafting exquisite, top-quality diamonds that are truly unparalleled.

Why should I buy my lab diamond ring from a UK based company like Novita Diamonds?

The primary advantages we offer are exceptional service and competitive pricing. For instance, we provide a complimentary free resize with every engagement ring purchase. Buying a ring from overseas can lead to complications such as resizing issues, with the hassle of sending the ring back and forth, dealing with taxes, import duties, extensive paperwork, shipping costs, and long wait times. Moreover, VAT and import duties apply when importing a ring into the UK. Conversely, purchasing locally from us in the UK offers the reassurance of being able to contact us or visit anytime, an assurance only buying locally in the UK can provide.
An important note: choosing Novita Diamonds means unparalleled access not only to our UK locations but also to our global network. As the world's largest retailer of lab grown diamonds, Novita Diamonds is a leader in the field.
You can visit our UK locations or opt for the convenience of buying your dream engagement ring through our modern, user-friendly website. Our website allows easy browsing and selection from a wide array of local diamonds or over 120 premium lab grown diamond engagement rings in UK. We also excel in creating bespoke, custom-made lab diamond rings based on your unique design ideas. Our engagement rings, available in platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, are crafted locally with the highest standards of workmanship.

What are the main reason people are choosing man made diamonds in UK?

The key reasons people in the UK are choosing man made diamonds include:

  1. PRICE - Our competitively priced lab created diamonds in the UK make it possible for you to acquire the diamond ring of your dreams without overspending.
  2. IDENTICAL APPEARANCE - Lab grown diamonds aren't just visually similar to mined diamonds; they're also physically, chemically, and optically indistinguishable from them.
  3. ETHICAL SOURCING - We ensure that all our lab grown diamonds in the UK are ethical diamonds, meaning their production doesn't harm the environment. Besides being eco-conscious, they are also conflict-free, aligning with ethical standards.
  4. OUR DIAMONDS ARE REAL - Be wary of deceptions in the lab diamond engagement rings in UK and diamonds in general. Watch out for sellers using terms like 'synthetic diamonds', 'round brilliants', 'artificial diamonds', 'moissanite diamonds', 'cubic zirconia', 'crystals', and 'diamond simulants'. These terms can be misleading as they often refer to non-diamond materials. An engagement ring is a significant investment, so it's crucial to research, read reviews, and verify that you're purchasing a genuine diamond.
Note: The term 'synthetic diamonds UK' might refer to lab created diamonds, but some sellers use it to market cubic zirconia. For more information, our blog features articles by expert gemmologists and master jewellers in the UK, providing valuable insights into this matter.

Why should I buy a lab created diamond?

Most customers choose lab diamonds over mined diamonds primarily for three reasons. The first is the considerable cost savings, about 75-80%, which is substantial regardless of one's financial status. The second reason is their sustainable and ethical nature, and the third is their identical visual and chemical properties to mined diamonds. These factors make purchasing a man made diamond an obvious and sensible choice.

Lab vs mined diamonds comparison chart

Where can I find Novita Diamonds Locations in the UK?

Our groundbreaking online platform simplifies the process of purchasing a lab created diamond in the UK, making it both easy and enjoyable. However, if you prefer a hands-on experience, you have the option to book an appointment to visit our jewellery stores to see lab grown diamonds in London or lab grown diamonds in Manchester in person. Our expert gemmologists or design specialists will assist you in selecting the perfect lab made diamond and ring design for yourself or a loved one.

Novita Diamonds offers an array of unique pieces, including wedding rings, lab grown diamond earrings, custom made wedding rings, women’s wedding rings, mens wedding bands, lab grown diamond studs, diamond necklaces, lab diamond pendants, bespoke engagement rings, lab diamond tennis bracelets, designer lab diamond engagement rings UK, handmade engagement rings, diamond rings on sale, all diamond jewellery and loose lab made diamonds in various shapes and sizes.

To easily find our website, you can use any of these search terms on Google: 'lab grown diamonds UK', 'lab made diamonds UK', 'lab diamonds UK', 'manufactured diamonds UK', 'cultured diamonds UK', 'man made diamonds UK', and 'lab created diamonds UK'.

In Summary

The only truly perfect option for those considering purchasing a diamond are Lab grown diamonds in UK. On average, they offer a substantial cost saving of about 75-80% compared to mined diamonds. Additionally, choosing lab grown diamonds allows you to make a positive environmental impact, as they are both eco-friendly and conflict-free. Expert gemmologists often advise working with a local company that specialises in lab diamond rings in UK for the best experience and quality assurance.

Best regards,
Iris Arnold
CEO and Founder

Instagram @Novita.Diamonds


• Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real?

Yes, lab grown diamonds are indeed real diamonds. They are created through the same chemical and physical processes that occur naturally inside the Earth, but in a controlled laboratory setting. A starter seed of a diamond crystal is gradually enlarged by depositing more carbon atoms on it. Lab made diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically identical to natural diamonds and are scientifically validated as real diamonds. Renowned diamond authorities like IGI and GIA grade man made diamonds using the same criteria as they do for mined diamonds.

• How Much Can You Save with a Lab Diamond?

The cost of lab created diamonds is significantly lower than that of mined diamonds. The exact price difference varies based on factors like size, quality, and type, but on average, lab diamonds are about 75% less expensive. This is primarily because the cost of producing rough lab diamonds is much lower than extracting natural diamonds. However, the subsequent processes such as cutting, polishing, certification, shipping, and insurance are the same for both. For example, a £10,000 mined diamond could cost around £2,500 if it’s lab grown.

• Do Lab Diamonds Test as Real Diamonds?

Yes, lab diamonds test as real diamonds. Using a diamond tester, lab created diamonds will show the same properties and characteristics as natural diamonds due to their identical chemical, physical, and optical makeup. This includes hardness, refractive index, and thermal conductivity and other properties that are unique to only diamonds, both mined and man made.

• Do Lab Grown Diamonds Have Inclusions?

Like natural diamonds, most lab diamonds also contain inclusions which we explore in our lab diamonds guide. These are natural imperfections found within diamonds, regardless of their origin. Inclusions can vary, such as tiny bubbles or carbon deposits. It's rare for any diamond, lab grown or natural, to be completely flawless. Our 4Cs guide offers more insights on diamond colour, clarity, cut, and carat.

• Can Lab Diamonds Be Insured?

Absolutely, all lab grown engagement rings and jewellery can be insured. Since lab created diamonds are considered real diamonds, they can be insured in the same way as mined diamonds. Insurance policies for jewellery can vary, typically covering replacement or repair costs in cases of loss, theft, or damage. It’s crucial to thoroughly understand the terms of your insurance policy, and our lab diamond rings guide provides more comprehensive information.


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