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Novita Diamonds is the leading provider of lab grown diamonds in London. If you're in the market for a man made diamond in London, either for yourself or a loved one, we invite you to schedule an appointment and visit our London showroom, conveniently located in the heart of London Hatton Garden. We take pride in our impeccable reputation, evidenced by thousands of satisfied customers, and our status as a female-owned and led company in the UK. Our unique position allows us to offer wholesale diamond prices directly to the public. Our extensive buying power enables us to source our diamonds directly from global manufacturers, ensuring that you get only the highest quality diamonds at the most competitive prices.
Discover the modern, streamlined process of purchasing lab grown diamond rings in London with us. You can easily select your preferred lab diamond and/or ring design either through our user-friendly website or by visiting our showroom. We also excel in crafting bespoke, custom-made engagement rings tailored to your specific design ideas. Alternatively, you can choose from our extensive and exclusive collection of over 100 designs. Our engagement rings are locally crafted with the highest level of workmanship and are available in platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

Why are customers preferring lab diamonds in London?

There are several compelling reasons why numerous people in London prefer man made diamonds over mined ones:

  1. PRICE - Lab created diamonds offer the dream diamond ring at a much more affordable price, ensuring you don't overspend.
  2. IDENTICAL APPEARANCE - Lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds are indistinguishable, sharing the same physical, chemical, and optical properties.
  3. ETHICAL SOURCING - Our lab grown diamonds in London are ethically sourced, ensuring no environmental harm during their creation. They are eco-friendly and conflict-free.
  4. GENUINENESS - It's critically important to be cautious of imitations in the diamond market. Some sellers use misleading terms like 'synthetic diamonds London', 'round brilliant', 'artificial', 'moissanite', 'cubic zirconia', 'crystals', and 'diamond simulants' to sell non-diamond materials. However, those are simply not natural diamonds or lab diamonds. It's essential to research, read reviews, and verify the authenticity of your diamond, especially for something as significant as an engagement ring.
Note that while 'synthetic diamonds' can refer to lab created diamonds, some websites misuse this term to sell cubic zirconia.

How to purchase genuine lab diamonds easily in London?

Our user-friendly platform simplifies the buying process, making it enjoyable and straightforward. However, if you prefer a personal touch, you're welcome to visit our jewellery store in Hatton Garden by making an appointment. Our expert gemmologists or design specialists will assist you in selecting the ideal lab created diamond and ring design.

Novita Diamonds' exclusive collection spans a wide range of products, including wedding rings, custom-made wedding rings, women’s and men’s wedding bands, diamond earrings, studs, tennis bracelets, necklaces, pendants, bespoke engagement rings, designer and handmade engagement rings, diamond rings on sale, and an array of all diamond jewellery. We also offer loose lab made diamonds in every shapes and sizes, and even coloured ones.

How to find Novita Diamonds London?

Locating Novita Diamonds is straightforward. We are situated in the vibrant heart of London, specifically in Hatton Garden. Our address is: New House, Level 6, 67-68 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8JY. The location is conveniently accessible by public transport, with two Tube stations nearby. For those driving, there's ample street parking available.

To find our website online, you can use any of the following search terms: lab grown diamonds UK, lab grown diamonds London, lab made diamonds London, lab created diamonds London, lab diamonds London, manufactured diamonds London, cultured diamonds London.

We also highly recommend exploring our detailed lab grown diamonds guide, and lab grown diamond rings guide, authored by our team of expert gemmologists, designers, and master jewellers. These guides offer valuable insights and information about our products and services and the diamond world in general.

Best regards,
Iris Arnold
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Absolutely, lab grown diamonds are genuine diamonds. They are created using the same chemical and physical processes that occur naturally inside the Earth, but within a controlled laboratory setting. This process involves gradually enlarging a starter seed of diamond crystal as carbon atoms are deposited onto it. Lab made diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically indistinguishable from natural diamonds, making them scientifically valid as real diamonds. Notably, IGI and GIA, two leading global authorities on diamonds, grade man made diamonds using the same criteria and scale as mined diamonds.

The cost of lab created diamonds is significantly lower than that of mined diamonds. The exact saving depends on factors like size, quality, and type of diamond, but on average, lab created diamonds are around 75% less expensive. This is primarily because producing rough lab diamonds is less costly than mining natural diamonds. However, the subsequent processes for a diamond to become retail-ready (such as cutting, polishing, certification, shipping, and insurance) are the same for both lab and mined diamonds. For example, a lab diamond might cost only £2,500, compared to a staggeringly high £10,000 for an equivalent mined diamond.

Yes, lab created diamonds test as real diamonds. When examined with a diamond tester, they exhibit the same properties as natural diamonds, including hardness, refractive index, and thermal conductivity, due to their identical chemical, physical, and optical characteristics.

Similar to natural diamonds, most lab diamonds have inclusions which we explain in our lab diamonds guide. These are natural imperfections that occur in both types of diamonds and can vary in form, such as tiny bubbles or carbon deposits. While most lab created diamonds, just like mined diamonds, have some flaws, very few are created flawless. Our 4Cs guide provides more detailed information about the colour, clarity, cut, and carat of diamonds.

Yes, lab grown diamond rings in London, and jewellery too, can be insured just like mined diamonds, as all lab created diamonds are recognized as real diamonds. Insurance policies typically cover replacement or repair costs in cases of loss, theft, or damage. It's crucial to understand the terms of your policy fully. For more comprehensive information about what is covered and what is not, our lab diamond rings guide is an indispensable resource.

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