why say no to natural mined diamonds?
Jan 14, 2023
Only mined diamonds can be blood diamonds — Why are Lab Grown Diamonds better?

There are plenty of factors to consider when it comes to making the choice between lab grown diamonds or mined diamonds, not the least of which is the energy accompanying the stones. While it’s obvious that lab diamonds are a proverbially fresh start (since they have been created ethically in a lab), the same cannot be said for mined diamonds.

You have no doubt heard of karma, whether you’re superstitious or not, there are all sorts of negative karmic energy to watch out for if you’re considering purchasing a mined diamond, and the reasons why are self-evident.

Are All Mined Diamonds Tainted with Bad Karma?

Due to the high divorce rate which has hovered around 50% for years, meaning that many diamonds end up re-infiltrating the market following a failed marriage. Diamond dealers play clever tricks to avoid the negative connotations of divorce diamonds, often sending them back to the lab in order to receive a new certificate which shows a recent date, but the inescapable truth is that these diamonds have borne witness to the demise of a marriage. Do you want the love of your life touting a second hand diamond on her finger? Better give her the promise of a fresh start with lab created diamonds.

Can You Trust a Mined Diamond`s Origin Certificate?

There simply no way to know for sure where natural diamonds have come from (unlike man-made diamonds). Although some mined diamonds will be offered with “origin certificates” these are little more than a marketing scam; the plain truth is that the nature of the industry makes diamonds almost impossible to trace.

Is the Mined Diamonds Truly New or from Someone Who Died?

“Diamonds are forever" as the old saying goes. The dark side of that reality is that many mined diamonds have been circulating for years; although some stones will stay in a family, others are simply reintroduced into the market with a fresh certificate after the last wearer passes away. Understandably, many women aren’t comfortable donning a diamond that last sat on the finger of a now-departed person, but the veiled practices of the diamond industry make it difficult to know to whom a diamond belonged previously. Luckily lab made diamonds do not have such issues.
Why say no to Mined diamonds?

Is Your Mined Diamond a Product of Child Labour?

In many first-world countries child labour laws are strict, but that’s not the case in most parts of the world where diamonds are mined. Specifically, child labour is frequently used to mine diamonds in Africa; unfortunately, this means that purchasing a natural diamond often contributes to the exploitation of children.

How Does Diamond Mining Affect the Environment and Ecosystems?

Money trumps eco-consciousness in most cases and Diamonds are obviously very lucrative. Mines destroy ecosystems, contaminate water supplies, lead to deforestation, and damage the environment in a number of other ways. The world suffers greatly for every mined diamond that enters the market; that brings with it a great deal of negativity.

Do Lab Grown Diamonds Impact the Environment?

Not one of these issues is a consideration with lab grown diamonds. Ethically made outside of conflict zones without any child labour or the natural environment damage, lab diamonds are a clear choice for those who want to make a positive impact with their purchases. What’s more, since synthetic diamonds are such a new concept, it would be impossible to find one secondhand. The last thing you want when giving someone a ring is to have negative energy following you—avoid bad karma entirely and opt for a man made diamond, so you can have peace of mind that your new diamond will bring nothing but happiness. We welcome you to further your journey by checking our lab grown diamonds guide and lab diamond rings guide.

In summary

Lab made diamonds in UK provide an ethical, eco-friendly alternative to mined diamonds, which may have a negative history linked to divorce, blood diamonds, and child labor. Mined diamonds can also harm the environment through deforestation and contamination. Opt for lab diamonds in UK for a fresh start and a positive impact with your purchase.