Lab diamonds are forever
Mar 06, 2023
Is it True That Lab Grown Diamonds Stay Beautiful Forever?
Now let's talk about a few misconceptions surrounding lab grown diamonds. For this topic, we felt compelled to bring out our gemmologist to help shed light on some facts with some expert knowledge. Primarily, whether lab diamonds retain their beauty forever or not, which they certainly do. We have been made aware about a couple of fake articles circulating online, which are nothing but sad attempts by few a rapidly fading companies that are trying to resist the huge change the diamond industry is currently going through. As we can all agree, Lab grown diamonds are fully disrupting the ancient and slow-moving diamond industry and even more significantly, it is the first time in its history where technological advances have made a real impact on the consumers and most importantly the environment.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Really Forever?

The great decades old marketing slogan by De Beers “Diamonds Are Forever” is familiar to most people. Well, ironically to their displeasure, lab diamond’s beauty will last forever too.

The colour in lab grown diamonds will stay the same forever, a claim fully backed by science. However, the hatred, and especially, fear from the mined diamond industry towards lab created diamonds gave birth to a few fake and misleading articles making the rounds, spreading false statements such as: “lab grown diamonds change in colour” and the likes. They are simply false claims, and nothing more than malicious statements made desperately against the new emerging industry.

Lab grown diamonds are forever

What are the Real Differences Between Mined and Lab Grown Diamonds?

Let us look in more depth, between lab diamonds and mined diamonds, to help us determine which one is best? Lab created diamonds take the #1 spot for many practical reasons. The most obvious reasons being the price difference, eco-friendliness, being ethically sourced and conflict free. Those are the obvious reasons, but we thought why not also mention some less obvious ones which are normally not brought up or discussed?  

No fluorescence, due to man made diamonds being made in a meticulously controlled environment they do not suffer from fluorescence. On the other hand, mined diamonds are at the mercy of nature during its formation, so it’s a coin flip whether they develop fluorescence or not. So, what is fluorescence? To put it in simple terms, fluorescence can radically affect and alter the look of a diamond by making it look milky, cloudy or foggy, or in other words, without any vitality or life. It would not be an understatement to say that fluorescence is a curse to mined diamonds. 

Cutting to perfection, the advantage of making diamonds from scratch is that there is more uniform and well-defined rough diamond to start cutting in and the laboratories can tailor make shapes according to what diamond cuts need to be made. The extra rough material allows the cutting of diamonds that are perfect without having to compromise the shape and proportions. On the contrary, rough diamonds mined from the ground come in random and varied shapes and forms. This drastically limits the yield that diamond cutters can get from the rough stone, but most importantly it forces them to sacrifice the optimal ideal cut and instead cut to get the most weight (carat) from the rough diamond resulting in a less vibrant and dazzling final diamonds.  

No surface reaching inclusions. It is rare to come across man made diamonds which have surface reaching inclusions, however, it is a lot more common in mined diamonds. These may be noticeable and distracting inclusions. When a diamond has a surface reaching inclusions, it can compromise the structure of the diamond, sometimes catastrophically cracking under pressure during the setting into jewellery. 

In conclusion, lab made diamonds have more complex and hidden benefits. They will keep their beautiful look forever and even though they are both made of the same material, lab created diamonds have a lot of inherent advantages over mined diamonds, that are not just limited to the significant cost savings, ethical and environmental friendliness.


In summary

Do lab made diamond in UK maintain their beauty forever? Yes, they do. lab created diamond in UK offer many advantages over mined diamonds, including consistent color, no fluorescence, precise cutting, and fewer surface-reaching inclusions. These benefits, along with cost savings, ethical sourcing, and eco-friendliness, make man made diamond in UK an increasingly popular choice for consumers.