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The #1 question she will get asked is ‘How big is your Diamond’?
Jan 22, 2023

The number one question all get asked with engagement rings is: “How big is your diamond?”. They don't get asked what the diamond's clarity is, nor what colour, cut grade, polish grade, symmetry grade, or fluorescence it has, etc. NOPE, they do not get those questions!

How Has Technology Changed the Diamond Industry?

Due to amazing technological advances in the last 3 years, Novita is so excited that Lab-created diamonds are now available in the diamond market. Some say that it is a full disruption to the industry while others say it’s the new era of diamonds and affordable luxury. We believe it’s both!

Why is Diamond Size So Important?

Thankfully, for young and more savvy consumers, the days of going to your local jewellery and being forced to buy an overpriced natural diamond are numbered. Instead, they are entering the engagement ring market with an open attitude to a much bigger diamond at less cost while being conscious that our lab grown diamonds are truly conflict free, ethically sourced, and mine-free.
It is now possible for your special someone to have the dream ring they always wanted, without breaking the bank. Instead, new couples can put money towards the deposit of a house, paying an existing one, a romantic or adventurous holiday, wedding cost, honeymoon, and the other 20 things all starting couples would rather take care of.

Why Choose Lab Grown Diamonds Over Mined Diamonds?

Due to their origin, our lab diamonds in UK are 75% cheaper than mined diamonds. While mined diamonds originate from the ground and have a very expensive locating and extraction process, the new lab diamonds are created in the state of the art laboratories.
The processes that both mined and lab diamonds (in their rough form) are identical. The diamonds get sorted, cut, polished, and graded by the same manufacturers and certification laboratories.
Comparison of lab diamond`s cost and size advantage over a mined diamond

How Do New Innovations Face Resistance from Traditional Industries?

Similarly to when Airbnbs came to the market, hotels were not happy and many years later they are still not happy. Same as Uber to Taxi drivers, and Amazon to book store. The same goes for man made diamonds with respect to mined diamonds. We cannot stay in the past while ecosystems get destroyed, countries in war funded by blood diamonds, bribes, and deaths in third world countries, child labour, plus price-fixing, manipulated, and overinflated diamonds by large mining corporations. Companies such as De Beers had a monopoly on the diamond market for almost a century.

Why not make the truly ethical choice and get the big diamond she really wants?
The choice is a no brainer, they are identical in every aspect from chemical composition to brilliance.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real Diamonds? Debunking Myths and Double Standards

The main argument of resistance is when some people say that lab grown diamonds are not real diamonds. To make a lab grown diamond, you need to start with a diamond seed, a natural diamond, and the process that makes that diamond grow. Those people who are saying that lab grown diamonds are not diamonds would never say that a lab grown baby born through IVF is not a real baby or human. This is called double standards. Another analogy is that ice which forms naturally from the sky (hail) and ice that is man made in your kitchen freezer. They are both the same, made from the same material, and do the same job (keep our drinks cool). Next, we invite you to browse our large stock on hand which consists of over 620 lab grown diamonds in UK.


In summary

Diamond size is often the main focus for engagement rings, and Novita Diamonds offers lab-grown diamonds as an affordable and ethical alternative to traditional mined diamonds. These lab created diamonds in UK are 70% cheaper on average and have the same chemical composition and brilliance as mined diamonds. With new technology comes resistance, but Novita Diamonds` lab made diamonds in UK are an environmentally friendly and ethical choice for consumers looking to make a statement with a larger diamond without breaking the bank.

Bigger, Better, and Brighter lab diamonds compared to mined diamonds